Amherst Animal Hospital

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Our facility contains five examination rooms, two complete surgical suites, ten wards for hospitalization and isolation of patients, and an apartment above for our treatment and emergency technician. Our instrumentation includes an Eklin DR digital radiography system, Seimens ultrasound, Fuji endoscope, and a comprehensive in-house laboratory with Heska and Idexx chemistry analyzers and Scil hematology machine.

Staff veterinarians perform most surgeries and a board certified surgeon is available for complex procedures. Internal medicine specialists are available to perform cardiac and abdominal ultrasounds at our hospital. Our hospital collaborates regularly with area specialists and we may advise referral if your pet needs advanced care or internal medicine evaluation.

As we are independently owned and operated, our hospital evaluates and integrates new therapeutics, diagnostics and technology to enhance the level of patient care and client service.

We also provide boarding services for pets that require extra monitoring, including pets needing treatment for diabetes, renal failure, seizures, heart disease, arthritis and recovery from surgery or trauma.